Rooms & Prices

Here you find all the prices for your time spending at our kungfu school and additional informations about our rooms.


It doesn‘t matter, if you book for a professional kungfu program or a health retreat, the Wudang Dragongate Kungfu School is a cosy place to stay.

Our school is surrounded by nature & offers enough space for your training even in rainy or cold weather. Highlights are our pavilion, our big pong and our bagua platform 60m above the school on the forested hill in the back of the training hall.

With your booking you have to choose a type of accommodation.

We have three room categories:*

1. Single Room: Or cozy single room are the best way, if you want to combine your training with a decent standard, privacy and a lot of space just for yourself.


2. Double Room: Our double rooms are spacey and nice. Two students get along well and most often get more out of the kungfu school experience, since the evenings are good to talk about kungfu, daoism, culture and philosophy or for language exchange.


Dormitories: The dorm rooms are more rustical and only provide what‘s needed but not much more. If you want to safe money and rather concentrate on your training, then this room should be good enough for you.


Bathrooms: All rooms with bathrooms inside

Wi-Fi: with FREE WI-FI access in all rooms & the whole school area

Furniture: All rooms with chairs, desks and cupboards, bedclothes, brushs & wipers

Sleep: All rooms provide quite, maybe unusually hard beds. This is normal in China. Ask for more bedding if you need it more soft. We always try to meet all your wishes. Just go ahead and ask us. Our opinion: The benifit of a hard bed is that it works like a good Taichi training: It forces you to relax. Soft beds won‘t let you know if you are stiff during your sleep.

*Not included: soaps, toilet paper, hangers, towels
Lights out time in dorms and doubles latest at 11pm.


Short term prices
DurationSingle RoomDouble RoomDormitories
1-13 days550 CNY/day500 CNY/day470 CNY/day
2 weeks +450 CNY/day400 CNY/day370 CNY/day
3 weeks +350 CNY/day300 CNY/day280 CNY/day
Long Term prices
DurationSingle RoomDouble RoomDormitories
1 Month8.000 CNY7.000 CNY5.500 CNY
2 Months15.500 CNY13.500 CNY10.500 CNY
3 Months22.500 CNY19.000 CNY15.000 CNY
4 Months30.000 CNY25.300 CNY20.000 CNY
5 Months37.500 CNY31.600 CNY25.000 CNY
6 Months42.000 CNY34.000 CNY28.000 CNY
1 Year72.000 CNY60.000 CNY54.000 CNY
Additional costs
Visa Extension Service Fee100 CNY
Student Certificate100 CNY
Instructor Certificate150 CNY
Taxi Pick Up: Wudangshan Train Station150 CNY
Taxi Pick Up: Shiyan Train Station260 CNY
Taxi Pick Up: Shiyan Airport/Wudangshan (IATA: WDS)250 CNY
Taxi Pick Up: Xiangyang Airport (IATA: XFN)550 CNY
School Uniform (obligatory)220 CNY
School T-Shirt50 CNY
AC Cooling in summers600 CNY
AC Heating in Winters900 CNY